PetraVPN – Free, Fast & Secure VPN

Petra VPN is a 100% free, fast and secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) app. Petra VPN encrypts your internet traffic and helps you to protect your privacy and surf the internet securely and anonymously. Petra VPN encrypts your connection to the Internet so that third parties and hackers won’t be able to track your online activity, making it more safe and secure than a typical proxy. Petra VPN is the best unlimited VPN service available for both android and IOS devices. Petra VPN has 800+ servers around 10+ locations. Just install this fast, secure & unlimited Android and iOS VPN app and enjoy your favorite contents with a simple tap. We have built a global VPN network including America, Europe, and Asia, expanding to more countries soon. All servers are fast and free to use, you can click the national flag and change the server as many times as you want.

Fast & Free Forever
You can enjoy a completely free VPN experience with Petra VPN. No session, speed or bandwidth limitations.

Safe internet access in one click.
Use Petra VPN to secure your internet connection without worrying about your information being leaked.
Access your favorite content.

Free Petra VPN encrypts all your traffic and you will get access to global media, video, messaging or social apps.
Shield yourself from cyber threats.
Petra VPN’ blocks malicious websites and protects your device from joining a botnet zombie army botnets.

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