Orchid: VPN, Secure Networking

2020 CNET Innovation Award winning VPN. Protect your device’s traffic and access blocked content using the Orchid mobile app. Buy VPN pre-paid service with an in-app purchase for $1 and then top up as you use it.

Orchid advantages:
✅ Prepaid VPN: pay per GB of traffic
✅ Uses WebRTC to unblock the Internet
✅ Encrypts all Internet traffic on the mobile device
✅ Supports Orchid, WireGuard and OpenVPN
✅ String multiple VPN connections together
✅ Traffic monitoring feature to see all connections
✅ Open Source
🚫 Subscriptions
🚫 Tracking
🚫 Ads

Why use Orchid?
-Enhance your online privacy so your Internet provider cannot monitor and sell your web browsing history
-Protect your connection when using a WiFi hotspot
-Protect your real location data from websites
-Protect your IP address from websites

Why trust Orchid?
-Open Source project on GitHub @OrchidTechnologies
-Third party audits by Certora and Consensys Diligence on all decentralized smart contracts

Our vision is to enable secure access to the internet for everyone, everywhere.

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