Method for Remove Stickers and Emojis from Image 2024

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Can the emojis be taken out of the picture?When sharing photos, people typically include stickers and emojis to further convey their emotions. When users post photos on social media, emojis are frequently utilized. Occasionally, it’s necessary to retain the original image instead of these emoticons.

Thankfully, we will demonstrate the top 5 free and simple methods in this post for removing emoticons from stored images and videos.

Part2: The GreaSection 1: AI-Supported Hot Photo Emoji Removal with Just One Clicktest Sticker Removal Apps for Android & iOS to Remove Stickers from Photos

  1. Firstly, Snapseed
  2. The TouchRetouch
  3. Section Online Sticker Removal for Photos: Eliminate Emojis Without Downloading
  4. First, Fotor
  5. Wishful

Part 4: Common Questions about Taking Emojis and Stickers Out of Photos

The Top 5 Emoji Remover Apps to Delete Stickers

An advanced emoji remover that can automatically erase stickers, emoticons, and memes from your images is called iMyFone MarkGo. The idea behind MarkGo is to identify items, smileys, emojis, white backgrounds, stickers, and backgrounds from your photos by combining image detection and deep learning. It will be identified automatically, so there’s no need for you to specifically select the watermark.

How Can Emojis Be Removed From Photos?

Step1: Select the “Remove Image Watermark” option.

Launch iMyFone MarkGo from the desktop after installing it. There are numerous solutions available to you. “Remove Image Watermark” should be clicked. Even though you selected the watermark removal option, this will assist you in removing emoticons from images.

Step 2: Include an Image

The image containing the sticker or emoji can be imported by clicking on Add Image.

Choose an Emoji or Sticker to Remove in Step Three.

Following the image import, the “Selection Tool” option will appear on the iMyFone MarkGo’s right side. It will create a box over the picture when you click on it.

Remove the sticker in step four.

Mark the place where the sticker or emoji is located using this box. “Remove Now” will be an option available to you after you’ve chosen the location. It only takes a few clicks to quickly remove the sticker or emoji from the shot.

Part2: The Greatest Sticker Removal Apps for Android & iOS to Remove Stickers from Photos

In our previous article, we covered how to use iMyFone MarkGo to remove stickers and smileys from images. However, you can utilize your smartphone if you don’t have a PC. In this section, we’ll talk about phone apps that provide the similar function. We’ll talk about apps for iOS and Android. Come on, let’s get started.

1. Snapseed

Emoji and sticker removal may be accomplished with a few apps, one of which is Snapseed, which is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. The user may modify photographs with ease thanks to its user-friendly interface.

To remove the stickers from an image, all you have to do with Snapseed is import the image. Next, navigate to effects and select the “Healing” tool.


Anyone using iOS or Android can get this free emoji remover.

2) Retouching Touch

A program called TouchRetouch is used to remove objects. This program makes it simple to remove stickers, smileys, emoji, and objects of any type from photos. Both iOS and Android support it as well.You may just mark the region of the object, sticker, or emoji with TouchRetouch and then tap the delete button. It will not be difficult to remove the sticker or emoji.


  1. To assist the user in editing their images, it also includes several effects.
  2. With only one stroke, it solves everything. Thus, you can save a ton of time using it.
  3. The app has a reasonable amount of intelligence. Despite your inability to choose the line exactly,
  4. That line will automatically disappear.


It is an in-app purchase that runs about $2.

Section 3:

Decal Removal from Images Emoji Erasure Online [No Download]

There are online tools that can be used to remove stickers and emojis from images in addition to all of these desktop and mobile applications. There are no downloads or installations required, and it is incredibly easy to use. Simply go to the website, upload the picture, and then delete the sticker or emoji.

First, Fotor

Fotor is the initial web-based application that allows you to eliminate emoticons from images. Emojis can be easily removed from this page, and using it is quite simple. Its completeness as a photo editor is its strongest feature.

2) Picture Wish

PicWish is the second website where you are able to delete all emojis from the image. Object removal is made easy with this free online tool. Using the selection tools, you can quickly choose the stickers or emojis.


  1. It allows you to choose any kind of item or emoji with its lasso, brush, and rectangle tools.
  2. The only thing left to do is choose the desired emoji and press the Erase button. It’s really not that complicated.
  3. When you export the image, it has no watermark.


  1. This emoji remover is available for free and is unlimited in its use.
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